North Sea Science Park as a work place

The North Sea Science Park

The North Sea Science Park is an exciting place to work. There are always activities going on here. The companies and institutes each have their project work and other assignments. People from Denmark and abroad visit the Science Park for project work, conferences and meetings. The canteen is the typical place to meet other people from offices, meeting rooms, laboratories and test facilities.

If you need a little break from the computer screen or other work, you can go to the Oceanarium and watch the fish, seals, exhibitions and join in on the activities. You’ll meet people from all over the world here. 

As an employee in the Science Park, you have access to fitness-room and sports activities via membership of the sports club. 

Hirtshals – the gateway between the North Atlantic and Europe

The town of Hirtshals has its own windy charm. The town emerged around the port during the years shortly after 1900. Through the course of many years, the town was mostly known for its fisheries and related industries. The port was the center of nearly all activities in the local community. 

The location of the town in a windy headland by the Skagerrak Sea has contributed to giving the town a rather rough look. Fishermen and their families were often not very rich, and consequently their houses were small and modest. Gardens were almost impossible to grow because of wind, salt and sand, and even today you are able to see a few windblown bushes in the older parts of town, near the port.

Even today, the port has a huge importance, now not only as a fishing port, but also as a ferry and cargo port with important ferry routes to Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. About 2 million people pass through Hirtshals every year. The large number of guests also results in Hirtshals being relatively well equipped with shops and restaurants in relation to its size.


Sightseeing in Vendsyssel

The top of Denmark, Vendsyssel, has a number of must-see places. The famous fisheries and artist town Skagen with the northernmost point of the west European continent, Grenen. The huge sand dune area called Råbjerg Mile, being the only desert in Denmark. The cozy coastal towns Sæby, Tversted, and Lønstrup. The monasteries and manors from the Middle Age Vrejlev Kloster, Dronninglund Slot, Voergård and Børglum Kloster. The old trade and education center Hjørring - Just to mention some few sightseeing options. 

In addition, Hirtshals, and Vendsyssel in general, offer a large variety of outdoor activities. The sea, beaches and forests invites you to fisheries by boat or from the piers, walking, mountain-biking, kayaking, canoeing, bird watching, horse riding etc. In addition, the local communities offer sport activities, concerts, markets, festivals, etc.