BioMar A/S

Test station Hirtshals was established in 1992 in order to cover BioMar A/S's increasing demand to do biological tests on feeds for the aquaculture industry.

In spite of the domicile of the parent company in Brande, the trial station was placed in Hirtshals due to the excellent conditions that the North Sea Science Park could provide such a station; tapped sea-water, placement in the 'virus free zone', professional environment and good common facilities. BioMar A/S have since then, expanded the trial facilities in 2000 and 2003, and we now have more than 100 fish tanks at our disposal, distributed amongst 7 separate trial units. The facility is no regular facility but rather designed for special experiments, the primary objective of which is to provide an insight into as many aspects as possible of the effect of the feed on both the fish and their environment.

Up until now, focus has been centred on aspects like growth, feed utilisation and feed waste. Following the expansion in 2003, these parameters have been extended to include a more thorough inspection of water quality both in the facility in general and in separate areas of the facility in particular offering brand new possibilities to e.g. test the influence of different external parameters like temperature and oxygen on the same facility. Furthermore, it is now possible to simulate daily variations in the parameters, hence simulate the conditions to which fish are regularly subjected.

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