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A Business Community

Create the best conditions for your business

As a tenant in The North Sea Science Park you become part of a specialised corporate- and educational environment, focusing on the ocean, aquaculture, fishing and sustainability.


Business facilities

A significant part of The North Sea Science Park is business leases of different character and size. Right now, we have 25 different companies in tenancy in our more than 20.000 m2 buildings and 140.000 m2 surrounding area in Hirtshals. This gives you ample opportunity to create new relations and become part of a strong business community.  

The facilities consist of modern office spaces and meeting rooms, educational- and research rooms, laboratories, storage facilities and options to produce and buy salt water directly imported from the ocean. Furthermore, you can join the lunch in the canteen, which serve buffet for the employees, guests, students, and tenants every day.

If your company has specific needs and demands for a tenancy, please do not hesitate to contact us, and learn more about your options.

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